Knees, Shoulders And Trauma

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Fees & Terms

Private fees


Mr Rossiter is recognised by all major Health Insurance Companies (including: Aviva [formerly Norwich Union], AXA PPP, BCWA, BMI, BUPA, Cigna, Clinicare, Exeter Friendly, Groupama, HSA Simplyhealth, Medisure, Pru Health, Remedi, Standard Life, WPA)


Private patients are usually given a 30 minute consultation for a new patient, and, 15 minute consultation for a follow-up appointment.  Appointment times are often tailored to the patient and condition.  On receipt of your appointment you will also receive a letter fully detailing all of Mr Rossiter's out-patient Consultation fees prior to any appointment.  As at January 2016 Mr Rossiter generally charges £200 for a new patient appointment and £100 for a review / follow-up appointment - these fees will vary dependant on the time taken and complexity of the case.


Most of Mr Rossiter's surgical work is performed using the AXA PPP schedule of fees and fee scales as a framework.  Mr Rossiter's fees reduced in January 2014 (many insurance companies have reduced their fees/remunerations more than this prior to this date).


All patients will be given a quotation sheet prior to surgery giving all details they, and/or their insurance company, may require.  This will include: name of procedure, date of procedure, surgical / operative code, surgical fee to be charged, name of the anaesthetist.  The patient is asked to send this form to their insurance company for prior authorisation.


The quotation sheet is for the surgical procedure only.  It does not include charges for: the anaesthetist, the hospital fees ("hotel" charges, drugs, theatre expenses, X-Rays or blood tests), in- or out- patient physiotherapy, or, post-operative consultations.


Patients should be aware that, like motor vehicle insurance, depending on their level of insurance cover that they may have an excess and/or shortfall to pay.  This should be checked with the insurance company prior to the procedure.  If there is a shortfall anticipated after this discussion that concerns you please discuss without delay with Mr Rossiter pre-operatively.  Mr Rossiter will discuss shortfalls with you at the time of surgical planning (i.e. pre-operatively) - this is rarely an issue.


Patients should also be aware that the contract to treat is with the patient, not their insurance company or employer.  Should their insurance company and/or their empoyer fail to settle an invoice then it is the patient who is liable for all agreed invoices / fees / amounts.


Mr Rossiter usually works with Consultant Anesthetists provided by The Hampshire Anaesthetic Partnership, often Dr Richard Partridge.


Uninsured / self-pay patients are seen with pleasure under the same terms and fees as above.  Self-pay quotations are prepared on an individualised basis by BMI The Hampshire Clinic for a surgical procedure.  These may include all aspects of a surgical procedure including - surgical fee, anaesthetic fee, hospital fees, in- and out-patient fees (but not including out-patient physiotherapy).


Mr Rossiter does no medico-legal reporting.  Mr Rossiter is happy to give a medical opinion to a medical practitioner resulting from a medico-legal claim or report, but this is not as a medico-legal report.  All work relating to this will be agreed in advance and all fees will be expected to be paid in advance of any consultation or treatment.  Any copying of notes for medico-legal purposes, or any other reason, will require standard patient consent and will incur a fee.


All invoices will be expected to be paid within 30 days of presentation.  Failure to pay will result in referral to a debt-collecting agency, legal proceedings, and, extra fees for expenses incurred being charged.

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