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Nigel Rossiter is happy to see patients with all Orthopaedic and Trauma related problems.


His particular interests are in:

 - All aspects of Orthopaedic Trauma and Post-Trauma related issues

- Knee surgery, including osteotomy and patello-femoral disorders

 - Soft tissue Shoulder surgery

 - Bone Infection

 - Limb Deformity



Knee conditions treated

 - Knee pain

 - Meniscal ("sports cartilage") injuries

 - Articular cartilage ("joint lining cartilage") problems

 - Ligamentous injuries (including ligament reconstruction - e.g.: ACL reconstruction / repair)

 - Osteotomies

 - Patello-femoral issues - including dislocations and tracking problems

- Arthritis: including knee replacement


For further information patients can click on:

or:  Your Orthopedic Connection - Knee & Leg 



Shoulder conditions treated

 - Instability / dislocations

 - Impingement

 - Calcific tendonopathy

 - SLAP lesions / Biceps tendon problems

 - Acromio-clavicular joint problems

 - Frozen shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis

 - Rotator cuff tears


For further information patients can click on: Shoulder Doc as an excellent reference site for all aspects of shoulder conditions and surgery (provided by kind permission of Len Funk).  Almost all conditions, procedures and techniques described on this site are seen and performed by Mr Rossiter.



Orthopaedic Trauma

 - All fractures

 - Special interest in Pelvic and Acetabular fractures

 - Soft tissue injuries

 - Sports injuries (seen often in conjunction with Sports Medicine service at The Hampshire Clinic)

 - Post Orthopaedic Trauma related issues (including malunion, non-union, infection)

 - Amputations and post-amputation related problems (including Ertl techniques) [many of the patients being seen in conjunction with Dorset Orthopaedics - world leading limb fitting company.]


For further information patients can click on: Your Orthopedic Connection - Injury , or, AO Surgery Reference 



Bone infection & Limb deformity

 - Acute or chronic bone infection (not including infection in joint replacements)

 - Congenital or post-Traumatic acquired limb deformity



Further information for patients on almost all aspects of Orthopaedics and Trauma can be searched on the following website, click on: Your Orthopaedic Connection 



Mr Rossiter is happy to see patients with any other Orthopaedic related problem.  If the problem requires surgery (and is not listed above) he may undertake this himself, or, organise this with one of his colleagues in the North Hampshire Orthopaedic Surgeons group, if appropriate, or elsewhere.  His colleagues are (click on the name for individual details / websites):

Mr Geoff J Stranks

Mr Jonathan L Hobby

Mr Kevin S Conn 

Mr James D F Calder

Mr Richard J Harker

Mr Dominic W N Simon

Mr Robin R Elliot

Mr Mike J Risebury

Mr Toby Briant-Evans

Mr Jamie Griffiths

Mr Sam Yasen

Mr Duncan Avis

Mr Alex Nicholls

Mr Andrew Quaile

Dr Chris Seifert

Dr Mike Rossiter

Dr Kate Hutchins

Knees, Shoulders And Trauma


Practice & Interests

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